Welcome to
INFORMAGICS is a consulting company created to embrace all the needs of companies
using leasing applications and surrounding systems.  
INFORMAGICS specializes in
InfoLease, which is the worldwide leader application software for the administration of
leasing or financing processes. From invoice creation to return on investment
assessment.  InfoLease covers all the steps of that process and its possible
combinations, essential elements for precise administration and planning.  The
addition of surrounding applications and utility tools such as Supertrump,
InfoAnalisys, Rapport, Visual Basic and Microsoft Query, certainly  give the
razor-sharp results expected from such a powerful synergy.  
INFORMAGICS is oriented
to the quick and efficient solution to the traditionally misinterpreted and costly
process of working on InfoLease based data processing.  Synergy is the most
powerful tool for success,
INFORMAGICS has the magic spark which will make that
synergy alive for you.